Things I like to have (on my mind) when I travel…

Converse shoes on me...though they are not the most comfy pair of sneakers, my travel without them is just unimaginable. I love the rusty look they get as the travel reaches its end..bit dirty, soles a bit worn out…it just gives an extra charm to them. older they get, prettier they a good wine! 🙂
a good book is a must have, especially when I travel alone. I love to take a break from the heat and all day walking and observing and exploring, just by reading a book in a local coffee or čaj place. priceless!
Converse add special flair to the travel and I can say for each of my travels just which colour Converse shoes I had at that time…(Turkey-white converse, Scotland-purple converse and so it goes on..), but for walking and exploring the city, having a pair of good shoes is mandatory. Converse unfortunately don’t fall into this category!
Diary! – where I can write all my impressions, stories of the brief encounters, things and moments that thrill me and inspire me, plans of where to go next, what to visit…diary is like a personal assistant and at the end of the long and eventful day, it is a great listener!
This is not really a thing, not something that I carry around with me when I travel. Food and drink represent time for enjoyment, socializing with the locals, …pure enjoyment. Time for eating and drinking and trying out local cuisine is what I always find time for when I travel. Without gourmet time, travel is incomplete…
Open heart, willingness to learn and to observe and take in and memorize, put into a special part of the heart so that I never forget great people and stories I get from travelling. Willingness to grow and develop as a state of mind is mandatory to fully enjoy the travel!
Thinking of my friends at home while I travel, and just thinking ‘wow, can’t wait to tell them about this!’..they make the travel complete. Coming home, meeting with them, sharing stories, taking it easy… it gives the final touch to my adventure!

2 thoughts on “Things I like to have (on my mind) when I travel…

  1. I will definitely come and visit!!:) miss you too, would be great to spend some time together in Canada!!…country hopping..Italy, UK, …Canada and Croatia (maybe next meeting points!?;))

  2. I agree with every point 🙂 and too bad Converse sneakers aren’t the most comfortable :s I love them too but I can’t travel with them. Hey, when will you visit us in Canada? Miss you!

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