Horoscope…do you believe in it? :)

It was one night in a pub, over couple of beers that I realized that I wasn’t the zodiac sign that was given to me, as I believed, with my birth date but I was quite the opposite. Just in a matter of seconds I turned from what is believed to be a happy-go-lucky sign and that supposedly has an extroverted personality, into one that is very, very sensitive and not that travel oriented, not necessarily introverted, but not the most extroverted among the zodiac signs.

Don’t know how we started this discussion, but once we started it we got all very interested into what the ‘horoscope guru’ among us has to say….and there was no going back!

So, I found out that I’m not a Gemini and that I would have been a Gemini if I were born 13 1/2 hours prior to when I was actually born.

In twenty-seven years of my life I got used to telling people that I’m a gemini and I got really into the role of gemini! I love to travel, I love to meet new people, I love to talk, I’m an optimistic and happy person ….so many characteristics typical of this horoscope sign. and what is most important of all is that I really, really enjoy being a gemini!

I grew quite fond of this sign. 🙂

So now that I have to adopt to this new role, I’ve started learning about Cancers and there typical characteristics.

I’m still wondering, since I’m born on a day that is divided between two sings, can I read the horoscope of both and choose the one that I like more for that day?? that would be nice!

so, I announced to all of my friends that I’m not what I thought I was and I started looking into cancer…made a real investigation of this new role I have to get used to.

It is true that I’m very sensitive sometimes, but still believe that gemini characteristics prevail or maybe it’s my rising sign, sagittarius, that has the main role in cancer-sagittarius combination.

I have no idea, I did lots of research last couple of days…visited all of the astro sites. 🙂 didn’t think that one night out over beer  would be so intriguing and would bring so many revelations.

Never believed that much in horoscope or I just refuse to believe that ones life is determined on the very moment one is born. I want to believe that everybody chooses there own life path and determines their own life, but on the other hand I can’t deny that  i really, really enjoyed going through all of these astro sites and that there is something about future reading or guessing that really caught my attention.

I was completely mesmerized and my eyes were basically glued to the laptop screen few hours in a row!

You can learn many things about yourself just by typing your date and time of birth. It’s really miraculous that a computer offers all of those information after just one, simple click on ‘make my natal map’.

wow…and after waiting less than a minute I got loads of info about my personality. thrilling and scary.

So, what about you? Can a horoscope sign really say that much about somebody?

I still refuse to believe that horoscope plays such an important role in ones life, but I’m sure that if I find myself again in a company of another  ‘horoscopes guru’ I will listen with interest and attention of what he/she has to say about my personality and life….and who knows maybe somebody will tell me that I am a Gemini after all!



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