when nothing smarter to do, why not travel somewhere:)

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve last written.
I’ve been not been that busy, well not in a real sense of that word. I can say I’ve been just contemplating and trying to invent, come up with something to change the ordinary thingy of the PREsENT MomeNT.
I’ve been teaching and learning from kids. I’ve been teaching them formal things, how to write, how to sit up straight, what not to say to each other and so on…and they thought me about the miraculous effect of laugh, of saying without thinking too much..and many, many more things.
Anyhow it was an interesting month and a half.
And then I decided to change something, I need an escape, a change from everyday routine once in a while, I need the road, I need to meet new people and therefore I applied to a voluntary project in a country I wanted to go for such a long time – Albania.
And last week I finally went to that country I dreamed of going for past three years.
Some pics in the following post……….:)


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