I love Christmas Eve. I love to wander through the streets and alleys…vie e viuzee, of Split on that special day. After all it happens just once in a year and therefore I try to make the most of it. This year’s Christmas Eve wasn’t any different from previous Christmas Eve days but I don’t seem to get tired of it and it gets it better and better every year.

As usual, large portions of food were prepared and they were served to people free of charge. there is something special in that day, everybody seems to be vivacious, in a happy-go-lucky mood (we are rather grumpy usually)…maybe it’s because of the free food (and extremely delicious one) that is served or because of the fact that people start drinking from the early morning! I think these two things brought together..

here are some pics taken on that special day …:)

yes, it was pretty warm that day! 🙂

– They say that the year ahead of us is going to be the way the NYs Eve is!

So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, you should really plan ahead NYs Eve celebration.

Don’t know if this is true or not, but my NYs Eve was extraordinary. I had lots of fun and I can just hope that the 2012 will be a good one and that it will bring more laughter than the previous one! Lots, lots more…a great deal more of laughter and spontaneity:)

Lots of laughter and spontaneity to all of you in 2012. wherever you are!!

(and great deal of other things too, of course!)


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