Enjoying the present moment

Lately I’ve been thinking how easy it is to become grumpy and how easy it is to forget all the good things and moments of life. I heard about the book (thanks to reading WordPress blogs) or just a short essay called ‘A leTter to a 16-year-old self’…basically, it’s about the things that you would say to a 16-year-old self. I dedicated a moment to think about what message I would convey to 16-year-old me and I came to a realization that I wouldn’t change many things if I had a chance to travel back in time ..having this wisdom or better say experience.

One of the things I would say to myself is to just keep on believing in my dreams and never let anybody tell me that my dreams are not real or worth a fight. I would probably say to my 16-year-old self just to keep her head up high and walk straight on, holding on tight to her dreams.

But one thing that I would like to change and one thing I would always like to keep reminding myself on are the small things – things that we experience on daily basis and therefore stop appreciating. It happens to me often…do you manage somehow to always live for the moment?

I somehow and sometimes forget and try to remind myself how miraculous and great everyday, small things are.

Here are some moments that give touch of freshness and uniqueness to my days:

1. A splash of cold water on my face…while washing away my purifying face cream. I just love the feel of a creamy skin after washing the cream lotion away.

2. Morning shower – nothing helps me wake up more easily and reconnect to the present moment as a cold morning shower (yeah, I love to have a cold shower…not freezing cold, but cold, just cold)

3. writing while sipping espresso  – when I’m not rushing anywhere in the morning, I just love to turn on my laptop and open the ‘writing folder’, prepare myself for a new day…writing, munching and sipping coffee…what a great start of  a new day!

4. Gloomy, grayish mornings – Mornings (and days) like these bring up inspirational self in myself. Maybe it’s because I became so used to sunshine and so, I’m looking forward to every possible change in the weather…whatever is not sunny is very much welcomed. No, just kidding. Love the sun and the sea, but hazy, grayish mornings make me feel more arty like 🙂

5. Kids – When you just observe the kids and let them do what they are best at, i.e. being spontaneous and playful you can learn a lot. They remind us how to laugh and how to play and never to forget to have fun!

6. Stories – Love to sit in a warm-atmosphere corner of the bar with friends and just listen to their stories, retelling their days, encounters…and laughing the moment away. I love stories, especially those that make me laugh like a hyena (not the prettiest animal but I love hyena-characters in cartoons..there are always the ones who seem to have the best time).

7. Dance – It’s a miracle what a human body can do. When you add music to the movement you get a beautiful story. For me, this might be even the best way of reconnecting to the present moment. Nothing brings me more back to life and present moment than the movement.

There are so many things that I should appreciate more and so many things that make my day unique and beautiful.

– One more thing worth mentioning, is visiting cafe Zbirac on Christmas Eve..I haven’t been living in Split for the past few years but I would always give my best to be there on that special day. Popping into that bar is a must-do on Christmas eve, for it feels like home. I meet up with friends, take my morning coffee..eat home made fritule – special kind of sweets served on that day, and pate made of tuna fish.. Then we go down to the beach and marvel at the men that play picigin – typical game played with the small ball in the shallow part of the sandy beach.

I just love to be home at this time of year!

So many things that are worth mentioning and so many things more that I could talk about…family, good food, chocolate, a good pint…and so on the list goes….it’s important to keep on reminding yourself of these things that we sometimes take for granted.




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