Stroll down the beach

Good morning world!

I took my camera this morning and went for a stroll down the beach. Surprisingly it was deserted, just a few cars on a parking lot, one or two people walking their dogs – very quiet and relaxing morning.

But I wonder where are all the people??

I promised my friend Andrej that I will post some pics from the seaside. He adores islands, seaside, sea…everything connected to sea.

He said that one day he will buy a sailing ship. He already has all the papers and documents that a skipper needs. He lacks one thing only…and that is his own ship. I’m sure we’re gonna sail around Croatian islands with Andrej in a key role, with his skipper cap on..that I often saw him wear even when he was far, far away from the seaside.

here are the pics..freshly taken! :))


2 thoughts on “Stroll down the beach

  1. Thanks, Irena,

    these are really nice pictures… especially the second one that on the left side ends with the sun reflections… 🙂

    here in Lux, there are only contrasts present during the winter time… no smooth transitions of the light blue sky and dark blue water… no gentle marriage between the horizon line and the silhouette of the island…

    but still, there are nice memories left from the summer time when we all were enjoying our company… and yes, I am returning to my home country and “nothing can stop me now” from becoming a sailor… just wait and one day… I will come with a sailing yacht with plenty of “prosta soba” 🙂

    • hahaha:) you put it in such a nice way..can’t wait for that day when we’re gonna jump on a ship together and head towards Jabuka (find it on a map) for example! thanks for info on Lux. I miss it so much.
      can I choose which prosta soba I wish to have??;)
      thanks for reading!

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