What to do when you get a rejection letter?

Yet another rejection for one job I applied for. Slowly my reactions are starting to mellow out and I am less agitated… hmmmm, don’t know..just sort of trying to accept the things the way they are now.

It’s normal, world crisis..everybody says..but I’m just not used to being jobless and I’m not used to the fact and never want to get to used to the fact, that necessity that in order to do something and to be something in my country you need to know the right people.

I just hate that; I so strongly dislike that, that I can’t find words to explain how strongly I dislike and disagree with the need of knowing people in order to do something/be someone.

To put it simply..I just hate it! well, it won’t help and it won’t change anything..but I feel like stating it.

the first thing I exclaimed in Croatian when I saw yet another refusal letter was:”prokletstvo!”.

After first outburst of anger I calmed down and just accepted the things the way they are – I just have to be persistent and not let these rejection letters and all those uncles and aunts you need to know in order to be someone put me down! I’m sure I’m gonna keep on flipping out every time I get a rejection letter or when I don’t get invited to an interview and find out that that position was taken ages ago and interview was just cover up, fake, never happened…I know I’ll keep on losing my temper and going crazy about these things but I’ll keep on being stubborn and persistent!


p.s. I’m listening to Miss Li …whenever you feel like you are about to lose it..I definitely recommend listening to Miss Li – perfect for jumping up and down and instead of losing it(mentally), you can just lose yourself in great rhythm and moves!



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