beautiful stories vs. grumbling and mumbling (as a stereotypical person from Mediterranean)

It’s great to have good night out! I haven’t had one in …..uffa!, too long to remember. Am I getting older and too picky when it comes to places where to go out?? I guess the answer would be ‘yes’, but I just can’t handle overcrowded places, especially if the music is not the one that  suits my ear. Old??? ;))
In general, I can have fun everywhere. Whenever I’m surrounded with great people (and that is pretty often, luckily), I have a blast wherever I go but lately I  became quite picky when it comes to music and prefer home atmosphere and having a few friends around rather than being surrounded by hundreds of strangers.
That’s why maybe I don’t go out lately that much. I spend so many weekends lately watching movies, having a beer or two and heading home.
(would definitely recommend ‘Two days in’s not a new one but whoever like ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Sunrise’, will love this one too!).
But last night was a crazy night was just perfect. Mix of – great people, charity party, great music, no dress code…brill!
I feel most comfortable when I can go to a party wearing my Converse and just putting a layer of red lipstick, earrings and that’s that..Bob’s your uncle.
Just bring great attitude and a smile and that’s all that’s needed to have a good night.
Anyhow, a great night out and the ticket to the party was any food you can bring for the homeless of Split.
I love stories and I love people who can tell stories…just regular, everyday life stories – usual encounters, unusual encounters, love stories..happy and sad, completely normal and boring moments and gestures that somehow turned into unusual, wicked and strange situations needed to be retold.
I have always considered people who can tell stories and make the most common habit as coffee drinking sound interesting, the sort of people who really live for and in the moment for they manage to capture and notice all those minor details that escape the eye of the person who is too preoccupied and enclosed into his/her own thoughts and problems.
That’s why I was so amazed with the party last night. The room was full of people who just came to have fun, to dance, to smile, to chat.  I hope more parties and gatherings-for whatever-purpose  (similar to this one) will be held in Split in the future.
We have a lovely sea and great beaches and lots of sun and people who in spite of all this daily wear put worried faces on  and discuss only problems.
The situation in Croatia has not been the best one for the last…well, for a long time and now the elections are coming (tomorrow) and people are deeply disappointed, there is graffiti appearing on the walls with the beginning of each new day depicting nation’s disappointment and with each new morning people gather in cafes just to sip first coffee or to chat with a friend; a conversation that often turns into a discussion of a current situation in the country…saying this about politicians and that about the lack of money, high unemployment rates…and somehow lovely, sunny day just losses its charm.
Or maybe the stereotype about people from Mediterranean who complain a loooot  is not a stereotype after all? There is some truth there..
So, anyhow, it was nice to see a group of positive people last night who just came to have fun, mingle and dance and completely ignore tomorrow’s elections and all those Gollums and Cruellas that we were forced to look at, for an entire month!, whenever we opened morning newspaper or watched TV news.
Hope there will be more stories and less problems talking, grumbling and complaining in the future..I could make this my own New years’ resolution. 🙂

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