Split from a different angle

What to do when you don’t have anything to do and you have the feeling that your life is put on hold at the moment?
I never liked the feeling of doing nothing and being just a passive observer as the life flies by, day by day and there is a voice from a deep inside almost screaming and shouting:”Got to do something. Got to be somewhere else. Got to do something more meaningful.”
I decided not to fight this feeling and just accept things as they are at the moment..and I’m trying to use my time as much as I can, just to escape this feeling that at the moments my life seems slightly rudderless…
So what I did the other day was engaging into getting to know my hometown a bit better. I was playing a tourist in Split and came to the conclusion that there are lots of paths and hidden  passages, streets, bars that I am not aware of.
As the tourist always stick to the same touristic  routes, locals are also keen on sticking to the same local routes. One thing that I lack when I am in Split is the force and will to discover, to explore. Usual things that I do when I travel are so uncommon for me when I get back home. I have no idea about the museums, I have no idea about the beautiful parks or bike paths or mountains or climbing or cycling or picnic places here…because I do it here..well, almost never.
– There is one beautiful hill just a bit outside of the city centre. Instead of taking usual ‘local paths’ I decided to take ones less travelled (by locals). And, it was a fulfilling and enjoyable activity. I walked for two hours.
The next day I went on a bike tour with my friend. This bike tour wasn’t as  crazy as the previous one…bike and beer tour towards Belgium but it was equally adventures I would say. The roads here are cars-only and the drivers here are not the most patient drivers. Every few minutes there was another smarty pants that would remind us by honking the horn that we are not supposed to ride a bike on the road…as if we didn’t know that. But what to do when there are no bike paths, not a single one –  but to drive on the road. Not the safest option but again…
Here are some pics from my new discovered paths:

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