(unseen) beauties of Zagreb

Last few days included lots of walking. Luckily I had a good pair of shoes on me that I could rely on and that I knew wouldn’t let me down! Okay, this is me being too loving towards my ‘panama Jack’ boots but they are really awesome.

Well, the reason behind walking (occasional bike riding) that much was job hunting, i.e. job offering!;)

I’ve been back in Cro for almost a month now and since the prospect of finding a job through yellow pages or job market is pretty low (like almost everywhere nowadays) and the unemployment rate is rather high…well, I decided to ‘sell’ my knowledge and skills myself!

I went to Zagreb last week and it felt so good to be back in Zg again. It was pretty warm in the south still and Zagreb gave the first hints of upcoming winter. It was freezing over there, just five-hour drive from beautiful and warm sea-side.

But, don’t get me wrong..I love Zg and love to walk down its streets in autumn, love the smell of sausages, mulled wine, chestnuts. It’s an amazing city in autumn, winter and spring. (to be honest, never been there for summer time more than just a few days, and wouldn’t like to be there in summer…it’s too hot and you can feel the concrete burning and the sole of your shoes going on fire).

So, as I did lots of walking I rediscovered some streets that are a bit outside of tourist paths and what’s more even local paths. If you don’t live there or you are not in a search of a flat hunting..or you are not ‘job offering’, it’s really unlikely that you will find yourself in one of these streets.

I loved that day although I walked for a few hours without making a break. Some agencies were very welcoming and weren’t surprised a least bit and others were…well, let’s just put it this way..they were a bit surprised to see that sb would bring a CV without a posted add for that position. It was an interesting experience and it reminded me why it would be great to move back to Zagreb!!

p.s. might not be the best pics to show off one’s own city but every city has its dodgy and very beautiful areas. these areas would not be nominated for the city’s most beautiful ones but they show the part of the city that is very real and in its own way very beautiful


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