Road back home (warm Balkan welcome)

It’s always hard to get back to a routine after having such a perfect time…three months of total and pure enjoyment, fun, beauty… Three months that I knew would come to an end and maybe that made me appreciate them even more. It was the perfect way to lead the life (for me) – days filled with new faces, new stories told by strangers, some strangers turn into friends and you get to share more and more stories… That’s definitely the main reason I travel and the thing I remember the most once I return home, like I did now..I remember people and their stories.
Yeah,  those were perfect three months for many reasons but the main reason is the great group of people I was surrounded with. So I guess I was lucky for they made my stay in Lux incredibly amazing.
Going back home after holidays is always hard to do – especially when holidays last as long as three months!!;))
The journey back home was not the least bit boring . It was a long one and I thought I was going to flip out or have at least one nervous outburst during 15 hour-long-drive-back-home, mumbling and swearing something in a low voice Croatian that only I can hear and understand…but surprisingly I managed to sleep in the bus and wasn’t nervous and cranky at all. Surprisingly because the sleepng conditions where not that perfect…I guess I must have been really tired…good for me, because….
Tomo and me climbed on the bus in Metz, went to Strasbourg and from there we jumped on another bus that took us directly to Cro.  After reaching Zagreb the bus even drove directly to Split   but I had already decided to spend some time in Zagreb and five hours more in the bus was out of the question. I needed a break and a good night sleep before proceeding to Split.
On the bus station in Metz we got to know few Roma people and one of them, dressed all in white with lots of jewellery hanging from his neck, his wrists…, very elegant looking with the widest smile and white and shiny teeth shared his love story with two of us. He was spontaneous and relaxed while sharing some of the intimate parts of his life with us. In spite of having lost a few kilos and being very sad for the one he loved lives far away from him (the reason why he lost a few kilos!) he didn’t stop smiling and showing his beautiful Colgate smile. It was out of blue and totally unexpected encounter..
We hopped on the bus and waved bye to a nice guy…and had no idea that his love story was just an introduction to the very warm Balkan welcome that awaits for us on the 15 hour long journey back to Croatia.
The drivers on the bus from Strasbourg to Croatia had a very peculiar and not really my cup of tea sort of music. Well, I would say that even the most eager fan would start to pluck his hair out after listening to the same CD 15 hours straight.
The CD was playing traditional Croatian folk music played on weddings, plus very distinguished Balkan music that we refer to as ‘cajke’…the music that makes you lift your hands high up in the air and turn your fists inside out as if turning the light bulb..
We thought that the driver will change the CD at some point but we were delusional – I admit! Not only that he didn’t change the CD but he even increased the volume after every stop.
Around six, just before we entered Slovenia, a few older guys that were sitting just in front of us, started passing a bottle of pure, home-made rakija (strong alcoholic drink, typical of Balkan area), from one to another.
It was just incredible. Even for two of us that was a bit exaggerated Balkan experience and welcome to this part of Europe. Two French guys sitting next to us, woke up instantly and couldn’t believe what they saw.
It was a proper introduction to Balkan. After fifteen hours spent in that bus, shock or sadness or extreme happiness and thrill or any other emotion that I was supposed to have upon entering Zagreb was kinda mellowed.. I guess that 15 hours of folk music, rakija drinking in early  morning hours played an introductory part in my head so I was already in Croatia fifteen hours before reaching it actually. 🙂
The temperatures were still pretty high and I had two more days to enjoy the seaside and the sun.
And that is what I did of course..
I’m not really a big fan of sunbathing and I prefer to have a swim and dry in the sun for a few minutes and then hop in the first bar and sip coffee and marvel the sea and the sunny weather form my shadow – hide out. Well this time, as I completely skipped summer time in Croatia, I spent two or more hours just lazing around the beach, shifting from my belly back to my back and from my back side back to my belly…
Two days of this were enough, I’m looking forward to autumn weather, its colours, light drizzle, leaves falling off and covering most part of pedestrian walk, kicking and playing with the leaves while walking down the streets…
It makes me more productive, it gives me more energy and makes me more creative..
love autumn and its coulours!

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