Road trip Belgium

 Time to say ‘By-bye’ to Lux. It’s been three great, brilliant, lovely and so on:)..months here. I bought my return ticket and was postponing doing that as far as I could. But I had to do it eventually..:), so I’m taking a bus from Metz and apart from one short stop in Strasbourg, it will lead me directly to Croatia.
I am looking forward, especially to seeing friends and family, walking down streets of Zagreb, going for the walks on the Upper city, sipping coffee in its lovely cafes, going for goulash and pint of beer to the local brewery with friends, retelling stories,…can’t wait…and then it’s time to reaaaally go back home, i.e., head further south – to Split. As the weather is still pretty nice, it’s quite warm and just perfect for a swim, for most of the tourists have left and kids are back to school and I can already picture myself lying on the beach with the book in one hand and coffee in the other..marvelling the view and enjoying breeze and smell of sea.
But just before saying final bye-bye, are some more pics from that adventurous, breath-taking road trip – visit to Belgium. Thanks to our great host Floriane the trip was even more mesmerizing!

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