day/night full of laughter

Good morning everybody,
this is my last week in Lux and I am making the most of my time here, definitely.
The road trip to Belgium was amazing and we visited both parts or all three parts – Brussels, Flemish part and Wallonian; met some random people who shared their random life stories with us, that I really enjoyed; discovered that Belgium has so many chocolate shops and really so many beers that I would have to take a one-year long holiday to taste all of  them. Definitely would like to go back!
But this post wasn’t supposed to be about Belgium. It’s a post dedicated to laughter. It’s a post on laughter. Last night I went to sleep around 4am. I was chatting, laughing, eating, drinking and just enjoying time with my lovely flatmates. Do you know when is it that you have really surpassed the normal time of laughing (though you can never have enough of laugh!) – when you laugh so much that you feel your face is going to freeze and stay in this ‘Joker-position’ (Batman) .
I felt like this last night. It was Balkan night at Rte de Longwy. I spent Saturday afternoon trying to find the ‘BALKAN shop’, the only one in Lux city. That wasn’t a difficult thing to do, considering the size of Lux..but after glancing through the shop I realized that there aren’t many Cro products..just some sweets. No wine, no rakija…hm..It is kinda strange that the shop called ‘Balkan shop’ is alcohol free shop – it doesn’t make sense really. But anyhow, I bought the pastry for burek (filled with cheese), on Sunday night I prepared pasta-fazol (beans, pasta and sausages cooked together) and bought lots of Chimay, that is one of my favourite lager by far.
i was panicking a bit about how burek, or better to say cheese pie, is going to come out but it came out just perfectly.
When lots of food is accompanied by lots of beer, that usually is a synonym for a great TIME (for me;)) but on the other hand, it also means that due to the heavy but delicious food and a few beers it is very likely that all of the guests are very likely to fall asleep very, very soon after having a starter, main dish, and dessert…dessert usually marks the ‘goodby time’.
It was only Antoine who went to bed after the dessert…and the rest of us remained awake till 4am (all working today!)..telling stories, enjoying each others company, laughing like crazy, waking up Antoine…(it’s never a good idea to go to bed when there is a party in the house; won’t get any sleep anyways).
It was a great night and a memorable one…flatmates you can only wish for in your wildest dreams.
I laughed like crazy last night. It’s great to forget obligations, job, morning alarms, tasks…etc….whatever excuse it is that prevents us from having a good time and enjoying the company of good I won’t be very active at work today, I might seem a bit confused and dazzled; I am definitely feeling sleepy and would have been more mature of me to have gone to bed early last night…but then my cheeks wouldn’t hurt so much because of laughter, I would miss out on great stories and would have less stories to tell when I’m back in actually I think that there is no such thing as laughing too much, I can only wish it happens more often – so definitely, I would have missed out a lot if I went to bed early – at least 8 hours of laughinG!
wish you lots of laughter today!:)

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