can you guess..?? :)

I decided to go &’s the country that I’ll always come back too, hopefully. It’s not to hard to guess where this place where men wear skirts and still look sexy, where people speak English that once you are there figure that it’s not English actually..not the one you hear on telly or were taught in school, where so many coffee places with world most delicious cakes hide, where umbrella is only a word in dictionary but completely useless in every day use, where social system is very high lightened & it tries to solve almost all disputes, misfortunes that you can possibly imagine (there are social workers for everything – from homeless, to neglected kids to neighbours that don’t get along ..really!!!) try to guess in what corner of the world I was ‘hiding’ for the last couple of days..not difficult, right??!:))
– met with some old friends…lots of catching up to do..and no better way to do it than over a cup of hot chocolate
– went to visit Writers’ museum again and again and again..
– just to say ‘hi’ to him..I’m sure we would be the best pals if I were born in the mid 19th century or if he was born in 1980s..(R.L.Stevenson)
– met friends from Creative writing workshop, ones who made me smile when the days at work were too hard to handle by myself..
– and went to visit a place (best coffee place in Edinburgh!!), Gaia cafe in Leith Walk, where I always felt as if at home and it has the best owners ever,’s a home run Italian place ..very cosy, comfy – must love it!

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