Bike tour 2…towards Esch sur Alzette

I have really got into biking and that is really good because apart from cycling I don’t do any other sport (dancing in the clubs not included into ‘sports-category’). Last week it was four of us, enthusiastic cyclists, who managed to get up in the morning after the night out and to go cycling with the same or even more energy than what we had the night before while dancing on the ’90s rhythms that were playing in totally British place in Lux (and there are many places like this here) – paradise for non-French speakers, although it’s not really interesting being surrounded by British people only, but from time to’s okay. The music was great, basically British pop…oh, here it goes again..I’m writing this post and I can hear my new flatmate singing from downstairs.  Love when people sing while they cook, clean or do whatever…it creates a more home atmosphere. Everybody in the house basically sings or at least mumbles a melody ..but new flatmate really let’s his voice be heard (don’t need a radio:)).

Anyhow, I really enjoyed the trip to (almost) Esche sur Alzette, i.e. the second biggest city in Luxembourg! aha – I bet you didn’t know this! ;))

We cycled, made a few stops one of which included eating at MCd. Awful I know, but since it was the only place open in the area between Luxembourg city and Esch we didn’t have a choice really. And anyways I took veggie sandwich and McSundie with caramel, that I really really love. Didn’t have it in years!! The scenery on the way to Esch was really breath-taking and since there were so many trees on the way to Esch we stopped occasionally just to pick a pear and enjoy this sweet treat..

Hope you’ll enjoy the scenery too!! hugs


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