lunch breaks

have you ever wondered what do lunch breaks in the Parliament look like??:) well, 1st of all – they are really long lunch breaks. Very ‘french-style’..some people use their lunch breaks very constructively and they go jogging, take up zumba can see people in their tracking suits and really good, top-quality sneakers going around Kirchberg,  (the same people were probably wearing a suit just an hour ago).
When I first started the traineeship, I used to do what French, i.e. Luxembourgish or to put it even better and politically more correct, what ‘parliament people’ do – when in Rome, do as the Romans do…and that is what I did for the first couple of weeks – during lunch breaks, I would always and by that I really mean always, go to one of two Parliament’s restaurants and I would act as a proper and real Parliament employee. But then, it dawned on me that we actually have one-hour lunch break(at least) and that I can eat lunch and go for the ice-cream and go sip the coffee or lie lazily in the sun instead…or head to the city centre. So we started exploring and so far figured out many different ways and plans on how to spend our lunch breaks, other than just going to canteen and getting stuffed (and probably feeling sluggish afterwards) with delicious but sometimes too creamy ‘parliament’s’ specialities.
So here are a couple of pics of what the lunch breaks look like now..

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