sunny every way!:)

Yesterday it was Polish night at my place. I sort of sublet my kitchen to my Polish friend Marcin, so that he could cook something Polish!! It was, needless to say, a great night…every gathering that includes food and drinking is a night that is destined to be A good night, especially when very dear people come to visit…definitely a success.

Marcin brought all of the necessary ingredients: eggs, flour, apple, onion, potatoes and other ingredients that he said are supposed to remain a secret!:)Everything was ready and it was time to start cooking the dinner…while sipping red wine from time to time.

I forgot the original name in Polish. I’ll try to describe it in’s like a small pancake, salty one that is served with cream with a sprinkle of sugar on top.

Very, very delicious!

This morning I slept till late…made morning coffee to get me started and prepared for another sunny day in Lux. Incredible, but it’s been sunny for the past two days and they(weather forecast) predict it’s gonna stay the same tomorrow also. incredible! I’m definitely gonna go out for a walk and maybe even put some summer clothes on. I brought so many summer clothes in Lux, but didn’t couldn’t really get a chance to wear any..:)…skirts, dresses, lively colours, sleeveless shirts, sandals..lalala.

After having coffee, I also read the Croatian local newspaper. I came across the interview with Tonci Hulic…composer from Split. He has had his new album published recently. I’m not a big fan of his music, at least that he does for Croatian market but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard some of the songs from his new album. Since, I am a bit sea-nostalgic recently these songs were even more appreciated from my side! I love the way he blends together Mediterranean sound with Balkan, gypsy sound..trumpets, words commonly used in Split, klapa-group of male singers who originally perform in the streets singing a capella, without instrumental sound ..

Oooh, i miss seaside!:)

I even started listening to Huljic’s music…am I really missing it this much? must be!;) (but i really like it!)


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