snapshots from Vianden

Hi everybody, I still haven’t posted pics from Vianden. We went to Vianden last weekend. I wasn’t sure until I woke up on Saturday morning whether I’m gonna join the rest of the group or not..anyways when I woke up, I really felt like travelling. I always think..’well, it would be nice to stay in Lux city for a change and just do a bit of exploring here also..’,,,and then the weekend comes and I always join the getaway-from-Lux trip.

I really loved Vianden. It’s a really small city (like all of the cities in Lux)..even for Lux standards and city dimensions-it is rather small. there was a medieval weekend being held there, so Pablo suggested it would be good to go & visit.

so here are some pics, medieval pics:))

it’s never boring to go around Lux, if you are passionate about the food and you like beer and chocolate, well, this place is a paradise (especially for the latter two). it is true though that I had the worst cheese cake, ever, in Vianden too..but as far as the beverage goes (beer), it was as good as always! 🙂


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