patty griffin

Have you ever tried listening to Patty Smith?? I heard her song ‘Florida’ long, long time ago..when my friend gave me a compilation of the songs that were on the playlists that year..

I’m listening to this album now. It was nominated for a Grammy award for best contemporary folk/american album. If you like songs with folk flavour, I’m sure you’re gonna like this. 🙂

Here is the track listing if you decide to give it a go..;)

  1. “You’ll Remember”
  2. “Stay on the Ride”
  3. “Trapeze”
  4. “Getting Ready”
  5. “Burgundy Shoes”
  6. Heavenly Day
  7. “No Bad News”
  8. “Railroad Wings”
  9. “Up to the Mountain
  10. “I Don’t Ever Give Up”
  11. “Someone Else’s Tomorrow”
  12. “Crying Over”

2 thoughts on “patty griffin

    • Loulou, this is patty griffin. I confused them first time too, for the name. Listen to this album, maybe you’ll like it too. I love the song Useless desires!

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