good morning

good morning everybody:) it’s another gloomy day here in Luxembourg. It really seems that there is no summer at all here and what’s really strange is that I really like this weather. Well, it would be really difficult to live here if it were 30 degrees in the air. Since there is no sea here, I prefer to have this sort of autumn weather.
Sip coffee early in the morning, take at a look through the window and see the rainy clouds smiling back at me…instead of the sun.
Go out to the street, wait for the bus, go inside and greet the bus  driver with ‘Moyen’ (Luxembourgish for Hi, Good morning).
Every town has the weather that is perfect for that town, sunshine is not the perfect weather for all of the cities around the world. For Split that is sunny weather, clear blue sky, handful of sunshine hours and cloudless sky, for Luxembourg that is the sky coloured grey with no or little rain…and the sun lurking behind the clouds, just appearing occasionally.
It would be unimaginable to live in this city if it were too hot. I think I would be the first one to protest and say ‘ma che tempo di merda!’..:) .
It was the first thing to hear this morning. Just as I went down the stairs and pushed the kitchen door open, I heard Paolo saying ‘che tempo di merda oggi’..:)
well, I guess everyone has different opinion on what the perfect Luxembourgish weather should be like. But I do agree with Paolo that it is a messed up and crazy weather. I always have umbrella and sun glasses in my bag, just in case and a rain jacket..:)
Have a great day (rain or shine) 🙂

2 thoughts on “good morning

  1. I love this post and you’re so right, if there is no sea then it is better to have a cloudy and rainy weather! Here it is 40C! have a nice day!

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