Siegfried & Melusina – story about Luxembourg

This weekend was pretty exciting and unusual. As usual I went for a one day trip ..every weekend I join other trainees for a trip around Lux city or outside Luxembourg country (which is not an ambitious thing to accomplish since it takes 20min to cross the border..:)).  This time we went to Vianden and I didn’t read anything about Vianden (a few km away from Diekirch) so I’ll tell you something more about Vianden in the next post and I’ll post some pics.
As promised, here comes the story of Lux city.
There are many stories about Melusina and her character is connected to many different cities, but in some stories I read about her she always impersonates the same characteristics. She is half woman, half snake (sometimes mermaid) and she marries a man who adores her. She has only one demand before agreeing to marry him. He must not see her one day in a week, he must give her full and complete privacy. If he is to disobey this demand she will disappear out of his life forever.
So here is the story of Melusina and count Siegfried.
– Siegfried is considered the first count of Lux. When he married beautiful Melusina, she had just one particular request and that was that her husband must leave her one full day every week and he must not try and find out what is it that she is doing. Siegfried respected her will and everything went well for the following couple of years.
When that day in the week would come, Melusina would retire in her chambers (casemates- the line of caverns placed bellow Lux city). One day Siegfried could not fight his curiosity any more and he approached the door of the room where Melusina was hiding. He leaned and peeped through the keyhole to see what Melusina was doing. He was both shocked and surprised to discover that Melusina was actually a mermaid. The upper part of her body was still human like but the lower part looked like the fish tail. Melusina was having a bath with her fishtail sticking out from the bathtub. As a mermaid she had the sixth sense and she could feel that she was being watched by her husband.
As promised on the first day that they met, she instantly disappeared. The window in the room was opened and Melusina jumped through the window into the river Alzette (that passes through Lux) and hasn’t been seen since.
🙂 Love this story. ir

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