Luxembourg ‘likers’&’dislikers’

People I have met so far in Luxembourg either love this city or really, badly, strongly, terribly dislike it. I met lots of different nations so far and funnily enough, they all either strongly like or dislike the city. It seems there  nobody is neutral.
Some of them say they like the multiculturalism, job opportunities, calm life, dance possibilities, multilingualism, security that this city provides..
On the other hand, there is this other side of the coin (i.e. ‘dislikers’), they dislike everything. They say it is too boring, too dull, to peaceful, too money oriented, so many poshy cars,  no places to go out etc and it goes on for ever..oh, yeah and lousy weather or term more commonly used here ‘crappy weather’ or’tempo di merda’.
I prefer to be part of the ‘likers’ and I put thumbs up for Luxembourg.
It is true that the weather here is not Mediterranean-like, there are not so many sun hours per day but the day goes on till late in the night (sometimes even till 22.30).
There are  lots of places to can eat out, lots of different clubs (well I come from Split, so what is  a lot for me might not be considered a lot by somebody coming from Spain for example)..but you can choose between different styles of music: there are places where they play house, on the other hand there are places with latin rhythms, hip-hop music and even places where they play only music of one country only, like Cuban, Turkish ( I haven’t found any Croatian club so far:), or Bosnian which is really strange…not even a place where you can eat ćevapćići??..that is really strange since there are lots of people from Bosnia here).
But on the other hand, there is plenty of kebab places, chocolate houses, Chinese places to eat out, Italian trattorias and pizzerias, Japanese sushi places, Lebanese places, Tapas bars…different variety. All you need to have is money and people here have it so they can afford to eat out!
Oh, the other day I went to visit the Museum of poor in the centre of Lux. Hm, it was really strange that such a museum even exists in this city. You can’t find many poor people here, not even beggars on the streets. It’s the second richest country, so that explains everything. Still, they have the museum about poverty. One of the fact sheets in museum says that the minimum salary that is considered poverty borderline here is 1300E. wOw! Can you imagine that! Well, it’s definitely a new way of looking at poverty. Basically, if you do not have enough money to go to cinemas or enjoy any sort of cultural activities from time to time, you are considered poor in Luxembourg!
Well, all of the trainees in Luxembourg fall into ‘the poor’ category then…:)
boun journe! ir

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