chocolate house – (perfect place for steamy and sticky summer day in Luxembourg city)

chocolate house-sweet house. Friday afternoon we worked short hours, so I took Oldie to bike repair centre and just bought the inner tube and then from the bike centre I dragged her all the way home. Finally, temperature in Lux city rose above 20 and it was cloudy but awfully steamy. I was pulling Oldie down the street and cursing in a low voice while walking towards bike centre. I knew that after I get the inner tube I’m gonna pull her again for another 40 or so minutes. By the time I came home I was feeling under the weather, completely low in energy and still that day I was supposed to go and visit the Duke’s palace and try out one of the cakes in Choco house.
Luckily, we didn’t manage to book a ticket for Duke’s palace and we directly went to Choco house. That place is a paradise for chocoholics!:) So many different sorts of chocolates. If you just want to have something sweet but don’t feel like eating chocolate they offer a simple chocolate milk, but you choose your own flavour…so for example, you choose between 20 or so choco cubes (tiramisu flavour, schwarzwald flavour, brownie flavour..) and you get a glass of warm milk to dip your choco-cube in.
I was overwhelmed by cakes and got my gaze fixed on the part with cakes..
It was rather a big slice but I had no prob whatsoever finishing that scrumptious piece of cake!!!

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