it was a really productive and efficient day yesterday. I have finished my second translation! It’s been a month already that I’m here. Lux is famous for its chocolate and apart from having lots of brasseries it has a lots of pastry shops. I’ve been here a month and I haven’t been to a single pastry shop. So, I’ve got my day already planned today..

Today is a so-called ‘short Friday’..people in Parliament love Fridays. But if it weren’t for the short Fridays, I don’t think that anybody here would manage to get anything done, like paying bills, going to grocery store and so on. All the shops, banks etc., here are open till six. 

So, luckily, I’ll manage to take ‘Oldie’ today to a bike repair centre… Yesterday, on my way to work while driving through the park and listening to the Jack Johnson songs, I suddenly realized that Oldie is not going as fast as it could. I stopped and turned around, leaned back to check the tire and it was flat again! Merde!

I do know how to fix it, Antoine (flatmate) showed me last time but it’s a bit tricky now that I would have to go through the whole procedure myself. But I’ll definitely try! So after work I’m gonna go to the bike centre to get the inner tube and try to mend it myself.

Oooh, but to go back to the big plan for today…so, after having paid a visit to a bike centre I’m gonna go to ‘Chocolate house’. The name says it all and I think there’s no need to say what I’m gonna do there. I’m gonna take my camera with me, so you can expect some photos with a chocolate flavour soon. ;))

This week I’ve skipped salsa classes and haven’t danced it in a while and I miss it sooo much. But the week has been so much fun, even without salsa lessons. There are few things that I have seen and done for the first time. I saw the air-balloons for the first time and went really close to them so that I could even feel the hot flame that is heating the air inside the balloon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to jump inside, untie the rope, shout ‘Au revoir!’ to the spectators while the balloon floats high in the air. 😉

While I was day dreaming about the air-balloons, a real bike race was taking place just around the corner. A real tour de France cycle race was being held in Lux city centre. It’s a traditional road race that is held after Tour the France is finished. (By the way, this year’s ‘Tour the France winner is Cadel Evans. )

And another was a prolific day yesterday:)..I love Hoegaarden. It’s well-known Belgium wheat beer. I usually drink it during the summer because it has a nice fruity flavour too. They usually serve it with a slice of lemon. I didn’t take standard Hoegaarden yesterday, instead, I took Hoegaarden rosee. It’s similar to the original version but it’s infused with the fruity zest of raspberry. (and it is lower in alcohol, cca 3%).

Wish you all a nice day..& I promise I’ll upload some photos soon!



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