espresso post

Good morning to everybody (from Kirchberg, Schuman building), no photos today..just wanted to say hi!:) It’s around 10 o’clock here and the day has been really good so far. As usual we ‘opened’ the day with the morning coffee. Coffee is a must-do as soon as I arrive to the office. It doesn’t help me wake up, but I think I’m addicted to the smell and taste of coffee.I just love to have a sip of warm, black, smooth liquid in the morning.. I stopped drinking it home, first of all because I don’t have an espresso machine there(just simple instant Nescafee coffee)..I could take my flatmate’s caffettiera, but still the taste of coffee from the caffettiera is not as nice and tasty as it is from the espresso machine.

So, the morning (as you can see) started slow-paced, no rush & no pressure..and now I’m going back to translation. I’m having such a great time here. They say translating is quite a solitary job and I guess it is (there are at least 50 people working on the same floor with us, but you can’t even hear a fly ..everybody has their eyes fixed to screens), but when you have espresso breaks and then again later more espresso breaks…you just don’t feel that solitary part that much.

Have a great day!


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