Choco chip afternoon

I’m going to a barbecue tonight. On of the girls from the French unit is organizing barbie in her garden. M&T are going to take meat, Pablo is going to make cold pasta so I’ve decided to make choco chip cookies. It’s the first time I’m doing them in Lux. Our oven is a bit old and I had to hold the door with my leg while the cookies were inside and the kitchen was full of smoke, but luckily after the third tray the things were still under control and I didn’t set the kitchen on fire.
I’ve used mainly Cote d’or chocolate, Fair trade choco and Swiis chocolate. All of them are 60+% of cocoa…very different from the ones I used to do in Split, but they taste great…can’t go wrong with such a huge variety of chocolate you find in Luxembourgish shops!:))

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