Kirchberg – ghost city after working hours

I think, so far, I haven’t posted the photos of Kirchberg. It’s the part of the city where all the EU Institutions are. The one on the 1st photo is the building I work in. It’s called Schuman building, it’s the oldest building in the area…(you’ll see later that all the others are really ‘glassy’ almost transparent & real modern and trendy, but too modern for my taste..I like everything that’s kinda my bike (previous post), the building I work in..haha. So this is Schuman building & now, here are a few photos of the surrounding area….

I thought I had more photos of Kirchberg, but apparently this is the only one I have (of modern buildings)..and here is another one – Kirchberg from the other side of the city -impressive!…..

Anyways, this would be introductory part to Kirchberg. It’s interesting that there are different ways of pronouncing the name Kirchberg. There are 3 different official languages in Luxembourg and it sound differently when it is pronounced in Luxembourgish, German and French. I like Luxembourgish version – it sounds so Portuguese!!:)

Apart from the EU Institutions, there are also many banks in Kirchberg. There is one lurking behind every corner. Paolo, flatmate, works in one of them..and it’s not a regular bank with the counter and staff behind the glass. These banks don’t work with ‘common people’….no collecting the money, no paying the monthly rent, no paying the bills,…it’s just the high class citizens, maserati owners..that open the accounts in these banks..

so, that’s it for now on Kirchberg. There are parts of the city that are so much beautiful. Maybe next time, when I go on a tour with ‘Oldie’ I might take a few photos of Merl- place where I live!:)



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