hoLa!..(italian courgette lost in Lux)

Just finished my first translation, four-pages. Still have to go through it & check all of the terms.

The weather here is incredible. I’ve lived in Scotland for four months but have never encountered weather similar to this one. I said this to Michael, Scottish guy working in British unit & he asked if I had gone mad. But it’s true…maybe the north part of Scotland has the weather that is more terrible than Luxembourgish..;no, saying terrible would be too strict- the weather just changes a lot- totally unpredictable. Just today – it was sunny in the morning and really hot and now it’s a bit chilly and it’s raining. On my first day in Lux, it was cca 35 degrees. The next day it was 15 degrees less and was raining. I caught the cold & still didn’t get rid of it completely.

So, yeah first translation is done..it was a really easy going day. Another great thing about working in the Parliament is that you are surrounded with people who speak different languages, so…it means that you can easily find someone who will teach you Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latvian, Bulgarian or Croatian..for example.

Yesterday I went to English conversation course and tomorrow I’m starting Spanish course for beginners – all free of charge and very relaxed atmosphere.

So tomorrow I’m starting Spanish for beginners..I’m not gonna learn how to speak perfect, immaculate Spanish but I guess it’s gonna be lots of fun,  it can’t be boring with Spanish people around!!:)

besitos ,ir

p.s.apparently there is an Italian guy who has his own veggie garden somewhere outside of Lux city (everything organic made). He always brings his homemade veggies to Cro unit and gives them away for free. Haven’t met him yet, but I just got a big zucchini/courgette (enormously big) delivered to me. I have to thank Francesco when I see him, cause thanks to him I’m gonna have a delicious zucchini  risotto for dinner!!:)


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