good morning from Kirschberg..(italian flatmate)

so I’m in my office, it’s around 8.30..I just arrived, signed in and first I’m gonna take a peek at the world  news…ups, made my Nespresso (George Clooney supposedly drinks it..haha).

My friend Colin tells me I should write in a more narrative way, like I did when I was Scotland…so this is going to be a wee 😉 longer piece. In Scotland I was indoors a lot & had plenty of time to write…while here, there is somebody popping in & out of the office..there is always somebody to have a quick chat with, drink coffee with. It’s a such a good working environment. Even now as I am writing this post, with one ear I’m listening to my colleague talking about his flatmates..

Did you know that in Vienna invitation ‘let’s go for a coffee?’ actually means ‘let’s go to bed’..lots of things to learn in Parliament.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is that it’s such a great thing to have a flatmate Italian, he’s always ready to give compliments. We usually go to work together, cause both me and Paolo work in Kirchberg. It’s so funny how the suit transforms a person. He’s a real businessmen during work days & then on weekend he transforms into a ‘punkbestia’- way he calls himself.

And there are a lot of uniformed guys running around this town, everybody wears suits..Paolo says theye are all, including him, Penguins (they all look alike)..

oooh, yeah and a thing about having Italian flatmate – great thing is that they can really make your day better with lots of ‘bella-term’ that they so frequently use.

Like, today as I was about to leave the bus, Paolo first greeted me with ‘ciao bella!’ and few seconds later he repeated it, but with a minor difference…he said’ciao bellissima!’:)

We have a lecture on Terminology in ten minutes & I still haven’t finished my Nespresso (which is actually really good) and read the for now, Au revoir!



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